Enjoy all the comfort from our charming cottages over the “El Paraíso” river or the heights of the big trees of the jungle. Each cottage is an intimate world built with recycled woods and broad with warm spaces that are an invitation to rest and are also open to the river views and the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve. The decks with lounge chairs and hammocks and the private quay allow you to relax in the calmness of an unique and exclusive setting.

At Don Enrique we have four broad and luminous cottages, decorated with an exquisite charm that is harmonically merged with the lush beauty of surrounding nature. Each of them is made of a broad main room with double bed, a desk and a salamander, and a second room with twin beds communicating with the deck, in which up to five people can fit. We also have a smaller cottage, which is perfect for two or three people.

In its construction we were guided by the eco design principles and the sustainable architecture. The rooms have a passive refrigeration system that makes air conditioner unnecessary: the cottages are situated above elevated platforms, which have a crossed ventilation system and the vegetation wraps them in order to absorb heat and provide with fresh air.

As part of our compromise with the renewable energies, we generate part of the necessary energy in order to heat water in our showers through hydro salamanders.

The recreational spaces are an invitation to share in pure nature games, drink mate, and have relaxing moments: barbecue area with grill, drinks bar, library, playground, quay and decks that enable you to dive into the river well, stove and mangrullo.

The Wi-Fi service is only available in the common spaces of the house,  as to connect always with nature.


close to the river

Del Remanso

Decorated with an exquisite taste, this cottage has broad Windows with precious views to the river, terrace with hammocks and sofas, and a small runway that communicates with the private quay of the house. The birds, which are abundant in Don Enrique, seem to prefer the deck of this cottage. It is located where the Paraíso river creates a backwater (Remanso) and that is the cause of its name. It is very close from the house and that is why it is perfect for family with small children and elderly.

La Soleada

With a rustic, chic and romantic ambiance, this cozy cottage is great for couples. It has a broad terrace to admire the surrounding nature, with hammocks, sofas and many aromatic candles to light at nights. It is divided into 50 intimate meters from the rest of the cottages, La Soleada, with its unforgettable views of the Paraíso, invites you to connect deeply with the jungle.

La Escondida

It is privileged for being located by the slope side, the water murmur invites you to relax and rest. It was set with sophisticated rusticity and all the details make it harmonic in order to achieve a unique charm. It has a broad terrace with hammocks and aromatic candles and impressive views of the river and the surrounding jungle. La Escondida is special in order to immerse in the beauty of the lush nature that surrounds it. This cottage is deal for couples or families.

El sosiego

It is the cottage most remotely located from the house: it promises an exclusive calmness and an intimate contact with nature. Its setting is rustic, warm and elegant, with huge windows in order to contemplate the context. With two broad terraces with unforgettable views of the Paraíso river, hammocks and sofas, it is ideal for families with children as it is a few meters from the playground.


big trees


We want you to relax and not to worry about anything. That's why all our rates include breakfast, lunch, tea with infusions and dinner, which come together with jars of water and seasonal citric juices, which are grown inside the plot of Don Enrique.

Moreover, you can enjoy every day guided hiking through incredible paths, look for water falls and cascades discovering the surrounding jungle. In warm days we offer riding up rubber dinghies and going to spectacular boreholes to swim and also riding up kayaks.

 Those who own a 4x4 vehicle can have access to Don Enrique without issues. But if you don’t have this type of vehicle, we will take care of taking you from the meeting point to the lodge.


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