A 4WD vehicle is required to get to the lodge. Guests can arrive by normal car to Colonia la Flor, located 8 km from the lodge, driving from El Soberbio, 16 km of paved road and 16 km of stony road. We can coordinate a transfer from Colonia La Flor leaving the car protected in a neighbor`s house (with additional cost) in Colonia La Flor.

There`re daily arrivals from Buenos Aires to San Vicente, located 90 Km from the lodge. There is a taxi stop where guests can get a transfer to Colonia La Flor.

the nearest airports are Posadas (located 280 km from the lodge) or Iguazú (located 290 km from the lodge), where arrive daily flights from Buenos Aires and Cordoba. We can coordinate the transfer from any of these points to the lodge. Guests can also rent a car.

Don Enrique is immersed in one of the last preserved places of the Parana Jungle, away from towns and busy routes; it is located in a wild place, where the hills and its inhabitants are hostesses. This region of the Serranias is located 280 km from Posadas, 290 km from Iguazú Falls, 40 km from El Soberbio and only 76 km from the Moconá Waterfalls.

Don Enrique is located at the shores of Paraíso river, southern border of Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (declared by UNESCO) and in front of 253,00 forest hectares that preserve biodiversity in the region and host in its interior the province parks Moconá and Esmeralda.

The Moconá waterfalls are the most insolated and wild natural spectacle in Misiones. It has to do with an unique geological failure in the world that breaks longitudinally the Uruguay river´s channel and creates a continuous fall that, depending on the height of the river, it can reach up to 20 meters. The waterfalls are surrounded by the Province Park Saltos de Moconá and the Estadual Do Turbo Park in Brasil.


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