Don Enrique is more than a shelter in the Paraná jungle: it is a place to get inspired, relax and explore the essence of nature. In this remote place of Argentina, all its features invite you to connect with the earth, to try, smell, listen and feel in a natural setting.

We want you to live an authentic experience immerse in the heart of the Paraná Jungle, to explore kilometers of wild paths in order to discover fascinating waterfalls and cascades, to delight with the singing of the birds and the river murmur, that you can venture and discover life under each tree and every fallen trunk and that you can dazzle again at the wonders of nature.

Don Enrique is nurtured with the knowledge of “baqueanos” and local villagers and it is enriched with the ancestral knowledge of the Guarani villages that are around and also imitates nature in all its actions and constructions, respecting and protecting it.




Don Enrique boosts a new way of travelling, discovering and exploring nature, connecting with yourself, your family and the local communities. In Don Enrique we want you to live an experience that helps to regenerate natural environments and preserve cultural expressions that are tangible and nontangible and belong to the region.



Don Enrique Lodge is the result of a dream and a life Project, which are enhanced together.

The dream of a photographer, Gustavo, which took him back in 2003 to El Soberbio, which at the time was unknown, in order to make an interview for a tourism magazine and the instantaneously fell in love with that mysterious and impressive jungle. The need of doing the impossible in order to preserve, even if it was just a portion of that wonder, made him create this endeavor. His job and his family project made him stay in Buenos Aires but it was very clear that the dream would not come true in the distance.

That was the moment when Bachi and Daniel (Gustavo´s mother and her husband) went on stage. They had adventurous spirits, they loved nature and they were searching for a radical change in their lives: to live far from the noise and the toils of the big city and to be in direct contact with nature.

And so it was, in June 2004 they moved in order to build the Lodge from San Isidro, Buenos Aires to the jungle, with more than fifty years old and they installed in a tiny house that already existed in the farm.

Everything was already set up and a name had to be chosen. Gustavo´s father, Enrique, who passed away in 1995, always had the illusion of a touristic endeavor to be managed together with his family. So, giving it his name, was something that naturally came up. 

In Winter holidays of 2005, the Don Enrique Lodge was inaugurated with the House and three cottages: Remanso, La Soleada and La Escondida. El Sosiego was built and inaugurated later in 2012.

When the pieces of furniture were part of the House, they knew that it would not be only a Lodge, but also their home. Time confirmed that. Their children and grandchildren enjoyed and grew up visiting them. They made their first steps there and they learnt how to swim in the stream and to love the jungle.

And as their “home” was in a very different, special and magic place, they aimed for transmitting their “guests” part of what made them fall in love. In this journey, they were joined by those who became a part of the Don Enrique Lodge family. A very precious human team made of work and friendship.

Nowadays, the ones that are in charge of Don Enrique Lodge, have an unavoidable compromise with the protection of our majestic nature in which we are immersed, with the generation of new ideas to regenerate this portion of Paraná Jungle that surrounds us and with the support of other cultures that find in this place their last shelter in order to preserve their traditions.

It is our mission that all those who visit us feel like home, served by friends and to live an authentic experience in all sense, to disconnect from routine and re connect with nature and to enjoy every minute they live in Don Enrique Eco Lodge. Passionate and with all our love for the jungle, there we go.



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