Your stay at Don Enrique helps the jungle to regenerate and the local communities can improve their life. Furthermore, we make sure that your stay at Don Enrique has a positive impact in the environment.



We generate

own energy

 We measure the energy you consume in order to generate it through renewable sources. We have photovoltaic and thermic systems, besides reusing forest westfor heating resources and heating water. 

Our goal is zero waste, responsible consumption and carbon neutral

We promote a rational use of resources through educational strategies that invite you to be part of nature. Imitating nature means that garbage is turned into resources, which is why at Don Enrique we don’t use plastic containers and we are in favor of using biodegradable and compostable materials and we help our guests to recycle, complete and make compensations to the carbon print during their stay.

We protect water,

the origin of life

The water we consume at Don Enrique comes from the mountain, which is a natural slope we protect. “Jungle Water” is our main natural equity, the origin of life in this place. We make sure that liquid waste that we generate return as nutrients to nature. Biological filters and bio digesters help us with this task.

Your intimate, exclusive and unique


Don Enrique has a limited weight capacity (the amount of people that we can receive at the same time): our biophysical and social capacity is of 30 people. This way we reduce the impact on the ecosystem so as to preserve life together with its organisms (flora and fauna) while the productivity, adaptability and capacity of natural regeneration are kept.

We believe in an active and

regenerative tourism

​The surroundings of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve have suffered several losses in the jungle due to intensive farming and deforestation. The ecosystem where Don Enrique is located is ecologically diverse, beautiful and dreamy, but its essence is fragile. We believe at Don Enrique that tourism can be responsible and regenerative and that tool can sustain, preserve and regenerate the Paraná jungle and improve the quality of life of its local communities.

Big changes

small decisions

 Don Enrique uses part of the monetary benefits of touristic activity and the visitor’s compromise in order to have a positive social and environmental impact. And if you want to help even more so as to preserve and regenerate the natural and cultural values of the Paraná jungle, you can contribute with 2% and 5% of your stay to the Fondo para la Regeneración de la Fundacion Hábitat y Desarrollo 


Protected Private Area

In conjunction with the Habitat and Development Foundation, we are engaged in declaring the 25 hectares of Don Enrique as private natural reserve, with the aim of preserving the environment, natural and cultural values, foster research and education and developing touristic activities of a regenerative kind, helping nature to reproduce itself and increasing its eco systemic services. If you would like to get to know other natural reserves that are present in Argentina, you can consult 


Working Community

Our goal is to articulate the private and the public area in the development of a public politic oriented towards the preservation of existing protected areas, the restoring and regeneration of degraded lands, as well as the development of agro productive and touristic chains that have to be fair and inclusive, with a focus on the creation of jobs and improve the quality of life of local people, settlers and native communities. In order to perform this task we have the advice of, a B Corp enterprise specialized in circular economy and regenerative development.

Together with the Argentine Club de Roma we invite you to be a volunteer at Don Enrique and help to accomplish their goal, please write to



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